The Garden

The Book Fairy’s Book Box

Happy Spring! Can you guess what one of my favorite things about Spring is? If you guessed planting a garden, you are right! And My May book box is all about the garden. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Inside your book box you will find three books. Can you guess what they all have in common? Right again, they all are about the garden!

What’s This, is about a little girl who finds a seed on the ground. What does a seed need to grow? Read this book and find out!

·        In your book box there is a compostable planter. Look on the bottom of the planter and you will find your own seed. With your parent’s help use the enclosed soil to plant your seed. You will grow the same plant that is in the book! When your plant gets big you can re-plant the whole pot outside in your yard or garden. Take pictures of your plant as it grows and send them to me. I would love to see how your plant grows!

Grandpa’s Garden, is about a little boy named Billy who helps his grandfather in his vegetable garden all year. Can you guess what Grandpa plants in his garden during the Spring?

·        In the back of this book you can learn how to plant your own garden. What plants would you like to grow? You will also learn about taking care of your garden during the different seasons.

Gigantic Turnip, is a counting folktale about an old man and old woman who plant a garden. In their garden they plant a turnip.  Their turnip gets so big, it’s Gigantic! How are they going to get this turnip out of their garden?

·        This book comes with a story CD. You can listen to it in the car during a road trip this summer!

In your book box you will also find your own garden scene and stickers! Plus you can make a few of your own garden creatures.

Happy Reading,

The Book Fairy

Posted June 6th at 10:40pm